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This is not a question…just a note of praise for one of your products, namely Citristrip®. I came across Citristrip® several years ago, after trying and being very unhappy with other strippers and their results. I was not only pleased, but amazed at the results. In the past five or six years I have used Citristrip® to strip and restore a solid oak antique harvest table, a child’s rocking chair that was my father’s, an antique oak sideboard and a Cosco metal kitchen stool. I have never been disappointed with the results, and am still amazed at the ease of use of this product. Not only does it bring back the natural beauty of the wood, but I’ve never had a problem with the grain being raised, thereby eliminating the need for any sanding, as with other products. I have recommended Citristrip® to quite a few people, knowing that it is a great, easy to use product and never fails to deliver the desired results.

Thank you,
Joan Headley

Joan Headley